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Our Testimonials

Pizza Twice is a trusted pizzeria offering delicious and quality pizzas to customers across Atlantic Canada. We serve pizzas, cheese fingers, oven-baked subs, and more. Take a look at what our happy customers have to say about our services below.

Best Pizza

“The best pizza twice around.”


Best Pizza in Oromocto

“Always gets the order right and on time. Best pizza in Oromocto!”


Fresh and Delicious Pizza

“This review is a long time in coming . My family and I have been enjoying Pizza Twice Oromocto pizza , garlic fingers and donairs for many years . The food is always fresh, hot and delicious. The staff have always been polite and courteous. I've been in many times for the lunch special where the customers are lined up out the door. I'm still able to get in and out with my lunch in less than 5 minutes . Keep up the great work Pizza Twice Oromocto!”

Kim C.


“Their noon slices deal is excellent. I enjoy their specialty pizzas, especially the donair pizza. A very good business that always helps the community.”

Mary F.

My Favourite Pizza

“This is my favourite pizza. Unlike most places they actually put enough sauce on that you can taste it and that sauce does not taste sweet. Also the service I have gotten has always been friendly.”

Chris R.

Friendly Staff

“Staff is always nice, food is fresh, dough is fresh and cooked perfectly.”

Collin L.

Good Pizza

“Good ole greasy pizza, toppings stay on, they don’t peel off like some places around here, it’s a good pizza.”


All Round Great

“Friendly staff, excellent pizza, toppings stay on, they don't peel like some places around here, it's good pizza.”

John B.

Great Pizzas

“An excellent place to get your favorite pizza or try one of their delicious speciality pizzas as well as tiger donairs. Bill and Kim are local entrepreneurs that run a very good pizza place. I would love to recommend a donair pizza your taste buds will be rewarded.”

Mr Forsythe

Great Food and Friendly Staff

“This is my favorite local pizza joint. Always great food and staff is always friendly. Definitely get the cheesy donair fingers!”


Cadillac Of Donairs

“I have had donairs in many places, but the donairs in Pizza Twice are second to none. The best way to have them is with onions, tomates, sauce and cheese. Outstanding pounder all the way! Oh yeah great stuff too.”


Affordable Pizzas

“Staff is great. Prices are low. Pizzas are the best”

Darren H.

Mouth-Watering Pizzas and More

Are you craving for some delicious pizzas? We serve a variety of pizzas and a diverse collection of sides to choose from.

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